About Mark Snyder

Mark Snyder

Mark Snyder is a California Licensed Home Improvement, C-10 Contractor; a Master Electrician licensed in 24 states, and is recognized internationally as an alternative energy expert.

In 1979, Mark established Mark Snyder Electric, a full service electrical contracting, alternative energy installer, energy efficiency auditor, and a parts distribution business.

Mark has been working on and investigating commercial and residential fires for 30 years, and is also recognized as an expert in grounding, bonding, code violations and has investigated in and provided expert witness testimony in hundreds of power surges, fires, and code compliance issues.

Mark Snyder is committed to the creation of a sustainable future and has been recognized worldwide as an
expert on evolving alternative energy technologies and applications. Mark, a Master Electrician, Forensic Electrical
Specialist, Inventor, and Officer in a publicly listed Energy company, is the descendent of 5 generations of family
farmers and has been a commercial organic farmer for 30 years.

Mark’s work has been the object of TV and other
media commentary in the US, UK, Japan, Germany,
and around the world on the web. Notable appearances
included a segment on the Daily Show with Jon
Stewart and the first green built episode of Extreme
Makeover: Home Edition on ABC-TV

From 1992-2002 Mark contracted to perform energy efficiency improvements
in nearly 28,000 convenience and grocery
Stores in chains from coast to coast. Mark’s
Contracting company was installing solar
power to homeowners in the western states,
from 1972 to 1996 off grid and from 1996
to the present both on and off grid. Mark is
also a third party warranty provider,
forensic electrician, and expert witness for
San Diego Gas & Electric and has been so
for 28 years. In 2010-2011, Mark Snyder Electric (Mark’s electrical
contracting company) contracted to install poly –phase (smart meters) in San
Diego and Orange Counties.

In 1998, in recognition of his understanding of our national electrical
infrastructure and his commitment to excellence, Mark was selected by
the Clinton Administration to serve on a White House Council to
address the readiness of national infrastructure in anticipation of the
Year 2000 Conversion.

A lifelong proponent of sustainable development Mark co-authored a bell weather paper early in 2001 published by
the Sierra Club, supporting the region wide development of Solar Power for the Energy Engineers of America in
part to replace a proposed gas fired 300 megawatt plant then under consideration.

Also recognized as a pioneer in waste to energy production, was trained in Europe with Dantrim International, a
Danish company and world wide leader in biomass energy systems. In 1985 Mark designed and installed Southern
California’s first large scale bio-energy conversion project in San Diego County using agricultural waste to produce
100 kW of electricity and waste heat for 20 acres of greenhouses using peach pits from a cannery.

In 2006 Mark co-founded Clean Air USA and partnered with
Willie Nelson Biodiesel to bring clean alternative motor fuels
to California. Mark was selected by Willie Nelson to accept
an EPA Achievement Award, issued as a result of Mark’s
work in opening the State’s first Bio-Willie station.

Mark’s long standing expertise in solar power and in
particular high efficiency passive solar tracking
systems, led to Mark being selected to build the
world’s largest passive solar tracking array for the
Alpine United School District in Alpine California.

Mark’s dedication to finding energy efficient solutions to home heating and cooling costs, led to his development of
the Silent Night Aire™ super energy efficient, clean air, home ventilating, space heating, and cooling system. The
Silent Night Aire™ line of products dramatically reduces the cost of air conditioning and flush harmful pollutants
out of homes silently and seamlessly each night or day.

Mark’s work in energy efficiency, healthy green building, solar power, and affordable green housing, found
expression in the construction of Green Ribbon® manufactured and modular homes employing all those principles.
Ten prototype homes were built under the supervision of the California Department of Housing and Community
Development. Mark was later named by California’s leading manufactured home fabricator, Hallmark Southwest
Corporation, to be their first Green Building Advisor.

Mark has championed solar rights in California by opening master metered condo associations and manufactured
home parks for solar power installations thereby enabling access to solar power to 3 million Californians.

In 2009, Mark was appointed Chief Technology Officer for Enertopia Corporation (TOP:
CNSX), www.enertopia.com and has been involved in piloting an energy efficiency project
for Tim Horton’s chain of restaurants, one of Canada’s largest chains. The first store was
completed in Vancouver, BC. Canada in 2011.