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Our Certified Electrician Provide Excellent Service In The La Jolla Area

Mark Snyder Electric has served customers in La Jolla for 37 years. Mark Snyder Electric has wired hundreds of new custom homes in La Jolla with specially recessed lighting, LED, projector lights, interior and exterior wall sconces and custom fixtures, pool and spa wiring, saunas, tanning beds, many specialty circuits.

La Jolla has a severe coastal climate requiring maintenance and repair of exterior fixtures, exterior wiring outlets.

Mark Snyder Electric is an expert in repairing these conditions and setting up maintenance programs.

We Provide Electrical Repair and Services in La Jolla 24 hour A Day

Mark Snyder Electric performs service calls in La Jolla 24 hours a day repairing outlets and lights that are not working. Power outages In La Jolla occur when outlets and circuits are over loaded. Mark Snyder Electric replaces overloaded electric services and electric panel boxes in La Jolla.

Many electric services in La Jolla rust and corrode causing short circuits and emergency calls. Mark Snyder Electric performs electrical inspections in homes in La Jolla when they are sold to ensure that the electrical wiring is safe and meets electrical codes.

Mark Snyder Electric has worked for more than twenty years for the La Jolla Village Cinemas providing quality service for electrical emergencies and for on going electrical improvements to the theaters.

Mark Snyder Electric has been working at the Arcade in downtown La Jolla for 37 years for the Hughes family who owns the Arcade and other properties.

Mark Snyder Electric has worked on many restaurants installing new wiring for lighting, power, and communications.

Mark Snyder Electric has performed emergency electrical repairs for many businesses including Restauraunts in La Jolla and installed new electrical wiring for power and communications.

Mark Snyder Electric has worked at the Contemporary Art Museum in La Jolla providing emergency electrical repairs, new electrical wiring for exhibits, and many specialty art projects.

Mark Snyder Electric has performed electrical services, electrical remodeling, new circuits and wiring for the Irwin Jacobs family, the Kellogg families, and many well-known customers.

Mark Snyder Electric performed regular electrical work for Longenecker family for many years in there home and many other projects at the Mengei Museum in La Jolla.

Mark Snyder Electric has installed solar PV electric systems in La Jolla and energy efficiency projects.

Mark Snyder Electric installed a solar PV system for Cathy Conheim at her La Jolla home and installed a compressorless air conditioning system eliminating her electric bill of $1,000.00 per month.

Mark Snyder Electric performed an intensive electric analysis finding many areas of wasted energy at the Conheim home in La Jolla.

Mark Snyder Electric changed inefficient light fixtures to energy efficient replacements.

Mark Snyder Electric removed her old inefficient Sub Zero refrigerator and installed a new high efficiency refrigerator.

Mark Snyder Electric removed the inefficient pool pump and installed a variable speed pump.

Mark Snyder Electric recommended installing solar electric shades on all the south and west windows which Cathy Conheim did

Mark Snyder Electric recommended removing 25 feet of skylights that were overheating her La Jolla home causing her air conditioner to run excessively.

With these improvements Mark Snyder Electric installed 10 kW of solar to eliminate Cathy Conheim’s electric bill at her beautiful La Jolla home.

Mark Snyder Electric offers consulting, energy efficiency, electrical and solar services to help La Jolla customers eliminate their electric bills.

Mark Snyder Electric has been advertising in the La Jolla Blue Book for over thirty years.

Mark Snyder Electric offers electrical, solar, and energy services to La Jolla residents.

Mark Snyder Electric services Leviton Home Controls Systems. Mark Snyder Electric provides and installs home automation systems in La Jolla and cameras for home observation and safety.

Mark Snyder Electric can wire your entire home with home automation that you can control from your I phone or Android phone. Mark Snyder Electric has worked for many interior decorators and designers providing quality electrical services to La Jolla residents.

Please call us to schedule for one of our Certified Electricians for an appointment or to get an estimate.

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