Thinking About Leasing Your Solar Power?

Monday, November 03, 2014 by Kim Adelman

Thinking about leasing your solar power? Think again. There’s another way to get solar power with no money down and it comes with a big benefit that leasing doesn’t have: tax credits!

The new alternative to leasing comes from a national program called HERO

HERO is an acronym that stands for: Home Energy Renovation Opportunity

HERO is the #1 energy efficiency financing program in the United States. HERO partners with local governments to make energy efficient, water efficient, and renewable energy products more affordable for homeowners.

HERO is unique in that it provides financing for approved energy efficient, water efficient, and renewable energy products. HERO finances 100% of the cost to purchase and install eligible products. HERO offers low-fixed interest rates, flexible payment terms including 5/10/15/20 years for most products, and repayments are made through your property taxes. Additionally, if the property is sold before the HERO Financing is paid in full, the remaining payments can be passed on to a new property owner.

The repayment of HERO Financing is included in your property tax bill, which is delivered and collected by the County. You will see a line item titled HERO Financing on your property tax bill. If you make property tax payments through an impound escrow account, your lender will adjust your monthly payment to include the amount due for HERO Financing.

HERO Financing is available to commercial and residential property owners in many cities and counties across the State of California. To find out if HERO is available in your community please enter your zip code at or call 1-855-HERO-411 (1-855-437-6411).

Property taxes typically stay with the property when it is sold. Under the HERO Program, when you sell or refinance your property, your remaining payments may stay with the property. 

However, your lender may require you to pay off the remaining balance when you refinance or sell your home.

There are more than 900,000 products that are eligible for HERO Financing. Generally, energy and water efficient products and renewable energy systems are eligible. Please explore the list of Eligible Products at for more information. If you wish to install a product that is not on the list contact us at 1-855-HERO-411 (1-855-437-6411) to get an application.

Mobile homes (and manufactured homes) are eligible if they are permanently attached to the real property and pay real property taxes (not DMV fees). The mobile home owner must also be the owner of the underlying land. Since an AVM value is often not available for mobile or manufactured homes, the tax assessed value or recent appraisal value may need to be used for the debt-to-value and Eligible Product costs calculation.

Commercial properties are eligible for HERO Financing. Please go to for more information about commercial financing.

Unlike leasing HERO projects are eligible for the 30% Federal Tax Credit. That’s a huge difference. T be clear, if you will owe Federal taxes this year, qualifying Federal solar Tax credit is a direct dollar for dollar offset against it. Let’s say you will owe $9,000.00 in federal tax. If you install a qualified solar power project on your qualified home this tax year, you will receive a Federal Tax Credit for 30% of what the contractor was paid for it.

In other words, if the system cost $30,000.00, HERO will finance that for you 100% by and attach it to your property tax statement AND you will receive a Federal tax credit worth $9,000.00 to use against the Federal tax you owe complete wiping out your entire Federal tax bill!

Call us to see if your project will qualify for HERO financing. In many cases, the low interest charged by HERO will make the total cost of your installation cheaper over time than the true cost of a leasing alternative.

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Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

California is leading the nation in clean vehicle adoption with more plug-in electric vehicles on its roadways than any other state and some 3,000 new vehicles joining them each month. This shift away from...

Fuel Cell Generation Systems

A home fuel cell is an alternative energy technology that increases efficiency by simultaneously generating power and heat from one unit, on- site within a home. This allows a residence to reduce...

Small Wind Turbine

According to the US Department of Energy, a small wind energy system can provide you with a practical and economical source of electricity if: 

Air Sealing

A "drafty" house is the result of air leakage, or air infiltration, through cracks and openings. While many are easy to locate, such as around windows and doors, many are hidden in attics and crawlspaces...

Attic Insulation

When considering insulation, the attic is generally the first place to start, as most of your heat will rise and go through your ceiling to the attic if there is inadequate or ineffective insulation. It is also often one...

Cool Roof - Prescriptive

Cool roofs are roofing products that reflect more of the sun's rays than standard roofing products. According to Energy Star, Energy Star qualified roof products can lower roof surface temperatures by up...

Cool Wall Coatings

Cool wall systems are applied to a building’s exterior wall and are highly solar reflective. These solar reflective properties allow it to reduce wall surface temperatures thus reducing the amount of heat...

Radiant Barrier

Radiant barriers are installed in the attic to reflect radiant heat that comes in through the roof so it has less of an opportunity to heat the attic. The greatest potential for energy savings occurs when...

Under Floor Insulation

Insulating the floor over a crawl space requires taking into consideration moisture control (both over the ground and as to the insulation) and whether you have a vented or unvented crawl space...

Wall Insulation

After attic insulation, wall insulation is the next most popular and effective place to put insulation when it comes to increasing the energy efficiency of your home. While there are many types of...

Custom Product

If a property owner wishes to finance a Custom Product after their HERO Financing Application has been approved, the property owner must apply for approval of the Custom Product before...

Energy Audit

A comprehensive home energy audit is a service provided by a professional auditor who will use a variety of diagnostic tools and industry standard tests to determine the energy efficiency of your...

Air Source Heat Pump

Electric air-source heat pump, most commonly used in moderate climates like Southern California, operates by using the difference between outdoor air temperatures and indoor air...

Attic Fan

Attic fans are used during the heat of the day to remove super-heated air from the attic by drawing cool air in from outside through the vents and pushing the hot air to the outside through the attic fan...

Biomass Furnace

Today’s wood stove models feature improved energy efficiency, safety, and environmental performance. They produce almost no smoke, minimal ash, and require less firewood. While...


Most homes in the US are heated by central furnaces or boilers. Boilers provide steam or hot water for heating. Boilers send steam through pipes to steam radiators or send hot water to baseboard...

Central Air Conditioner

Central air conditioners work by moving air through a duct system, using supply ducts and registers to send cooled air to the home and return ducts and registers to send the warmer air back to the air...

Duct Replacement

Homes with central furnaces and air conditioners or heat pumps use a duct system to supply heated or cooled air to the various rooms of the house and then return the air to the system for reheating or...

Evaporative Cooler

Evaporative coolers cool outdoor air by passing it over water-soaked pads, which can lower the air's temperature by 15-40 degrees. Evaporative coolers are installed as an alternative to air conditioners...


Most homes in the US are heated by central furnaces or boilers. Furnaces heat air and distribute the air through a system of ducts.

Geothermal Heat Pump

Ground Source (or Geothermal) Heat Pumps (GSHP) are among the most efficient HVAC and water heating systems available. GSHP's circulate water or refrigerant through looped...

Heat/Energy Recovery Ventilator

Heat Recovery Ventilator (HRV) and Energy Recovery Ventilator (ERV) products are high-efficiency whole-house ventilation systems that deliver both indoor air quality and energy savings benefits.

Hydronic Radiant Heating

Radiant heating systems supply heat directly to the floor or to panels in the wall or ceiling of a house.  Radiant heating is more efficient than baseboard heating and usually more efficient than...

Mini-Split Air Conditioner

Mini-Split Air Conditioner, also called mini-splits or ductless cooling systems, are highly efficient products that deliver cool air directly into different zones in your home, instead of routing it through ducts first...

Mini-Split Heat Pump

Mini-Split Heat Pumps, also called mini-splits or ductless heating and cooling systems, are highly efficient products that deliver warm or cool air directly into different zones in your home, instead of routing...

Ventilation Fans

Installing adequate ventilation helps to alleviate many common household problems. It also helps to control moisture and remove objectionable odors. Well sealed, tight homes may need additional...

Whole House Fan

Whole house fans are used to replace or supplement central air conditioning when the air outside is cooler than the air inside, usually in the evening and morning. They work best in areas with hot summer...

Ceiling Fan

ENERGY STAR Certified Ceiling Fans meet strict energy efficiency guidelines and are 60% more efficient than conventional fan/light units, which can save you more than $15 per year on utility bills...

Lighting Controls

Lighting comprises approximately 22% of the electricity use in the average California home . As such, lighting controls are a key strategy for reducing residential electricity use...

Lighting Fixture Image

Lighting Fixture

Energy Star Qualified light fixtures are required to use 25% or less of the energy used by equivalent standard light fixtures. In addition, Energy Star Qualified light fixtures use CFL pin-based bulbs that...

Automatic Pool Covers Image

Automatic Pool Covers

Swimming pool owners can significantly reduce swimming pool heating costs and water usage by using an automatic pool cover. Swimming pools lose energy in a variety of ways, but evaporation is by...

Electric Heat Pump Pool Heater Image

Electric Heat Pump Pool Heater

Electric Heat Pump Pool Heaters operate much more efficiently than alternative gas-fired or electric resistance pool heaters. Heat pumps use electricity to efficiently capture heat from the surrounding air...

Natural Gas Pool Heater

Natural Gas Pool Heater

Gas-fired pool heaters remain the most popular system for heating swimming pools. Today, you can find new gas-fired heater models with much higher efficiency than older models. Still,depending on...

Pool Pump Image

Pool Pump

Many pool owners don't realize how much energy their pool pump may be wasting. Pool pump speeds vary based on the pool's operation. Filtration, for example, only requires half the flow rate of...

Electric Heat Pump Water Heater Image

Electric Heat Pump Water Heater

For those homes using electricity to heat their water, an electric heat pump storage water heater can be a more efficient source of water heating. Energy Star estimates that these homes will have...

Gas Tankless Water Heater Image

Gas Tankless Water Heater

A tankless, on-demand water heater is just what it sounds like – there is no storage tank with water that is already hot.  Tankless water heaters only heat water when you are ready to use it, but they are able to...

Natural Gas Storage Water Heater Image

Natural Gas Storage Water Heater

Standard storage tank water heaters remain the most popular method of heating water in the home today. A single-family natural gas storage water heater will typically store between 20-80...

High-Efficiency Faucets Image

High-Efficiency Faucets

If every home in the United States replaced existing faucets and aerators with Water Sense labeled models, we could save nearly $1.2 billion in water and energy costs and 64 billion gallons...

High-Efficiency Showerhead Image

High-Efficiency Showerhead

The average California house hold could save up to 13,000 gallons per year by installing Water Sense labeled shower heads. Since these water savings will reduce demands on water heaters...

High-Efficiency Toilet Fixtures Image

High-Efficiency Toilet Fixtures

According to WaterSense and the EPA, if your toilet is from 1992 or earlier, you probably have an inefficient model that uses at least 3.5 gallons per flush. New and improved Water Sense-labeled models...

Hot Water Delivery System Image

Hot Water Delivery System

As is well known, a fair amount of water is usually wasted while waiting for hot water to come through the tap. Hot water delivery systems (also known as a hot water re-circulation systems) are...

Artificial Turf Image

Artificial Turf

Turf grass is one of the most water-intensive plants in your landscape. Its high water use and frequent maintenance make it a time-consuming and expensive yard option. In fact, the average residential...

Drip Irrigation Image

Drip Irrigation

Drip irrigation is a highly efficient irrigation system that slowly waters the soil directly around the base of individual plants through small pipes and emitters. This minimizes evaporative losses, pooling...

Graywater Systems Image

Graywater Systems

Highlights from the Alliance for Water Efficiency website: What does it mean? "Graywater, (sometimes spelled gray water, grey water or greywater) is untreated waste water resulting from lavatory wash...

Rainwater Catchment System Image

Rain water Catchment System

An inch of rainfall on a 1,000-square-foot house produces about 600 gallons of water. Rain gutters capture the water and direct it to one or more downspouts which connect to a cistern to help water the...

Rotating Sprinkler Nozzles Image

Rotating Sprinkler Nozzles

Rotating sprinkler nozzles with pressure regulating devices apply water more slowly and uniformly than standard sprinkler heads which helps prevent over watering and runoff. Instead of an overly...

Weather Based Irrigation Control Systems Image

Weather Based Irrigation Control Systems

Experts estimate that up to 50% of residential landscaping irrigation is wasted due to over watering from inefficient irrigation systems. Weather-based irrigation controllers can help to significantly reduce...

Solar Inverter

Most solar PV systems will include at least one inverter for multiple solar panels. An inverter has several purposes. These major purposes include converting DC power to AC power as well as controlling...

Solar Panel Image

Solar Panel

Solar photo voltaic systems convert the sun's energy into electricity so that it can be directly used by the house as it is produced. A solar panel is a group of solar cells that collect sunlight and convert it into...

Solar Pool Heating Collector Image

Solar Pool Heating Collector

You can significantly reduce swimming pool heating costs by installing a solar pool heater. They're cost competitive with both gas and heat pump pool heaters, and they have very low annual...

Solar Water Heating System Image

Solar Water Heating System

According to Energy Star, a solar water heater can cut your water heating bill in half. This means you can save $190 annually if you combine solar with a backup gas-storage water heater instead of using...

Exterior Doors Image

Exterior Doors

According to Energy Savers, new exterior doors often fit and insulate better than older types. If you have older doors in your home, replacing them might be a good investment, resulting in lower heating...

Exterior Window Shading Device Image

Exterior Window Shading Device

Windows play vital roles in our homes: bringing in natural light, connecting us visually with the outdoors, providing fresh air during warm months, helping to slow down heat loss, controlling unwanted...

Exterior Windows Image

Exterior Windows

Energy Star estimates that replacing existing windows with Energy Star Qualified windows can save between 7-15% on energy bills. For California, Energy Star estimates savings of...

Skylights and Tubular Daylighting Devices Image

Skylights and Tubular Daylighting Devices

The improvements in efficiency technologies for windows also apply to skylights, but have a greater effect since they receive direct sunlight in the summer and greater outside/inside temperature...

Window Film

Window Film

Window films are thin layers of polyester, metallic coatings, and adhesives that save energy by limiting both the amount of solar radiation passing through the window and the amount of internal...