INSTEON - Home Automation

Home Automation is a way to monitor and control your home

When you’re at home, sensors and timers help turn your lights on and off to save energy. You can push a preset keypad button to set lighting levels for any occasion. Your sprinklers run based on the weather and amount of moisture in the soil, saving water and money. When away, you can use your SmartPhone to check for locked doors or lights left on, and to change your A/C settings. You can check to see if your garage door is open, and close it using your phone. You receive email or text message alerts if sensors detect a water leak, smoke, or unexpected movement in the home.

New Installations and New Construction

We design and install Home Automation Systems for existing and new homes, apartments and condos.

Schools and Commercial

INSTEON® technology can also be used in schools and commercial properties to automate lighting and A/C controls.

Who can benefit from Home Automation

Homeowners wanting to be on the “cutting edge”. Pet owners wanting to monitor their pets. Parents with active kids who are always coming and going (and forgetting to close the garage door). Apartment and Condo renters wanting the benefits of Home Automation but with portable devices.

The Benefits of Home Automation

Safety, peace of mind, convenience, efficiency, and ambiance. Living in a more comfortable environment, saving money, and conserving energy and water.