Mobile Solar Powered Water Filtration Stations 

Location: Iraq

We were able to provide clean drinking water solutions from small scale portable units. Solar power provides independence of electrical or water grids, creating an immediate solution to the clean drinking water needs in areas where there is little or no operating infrastructure. These systems are perfect for natural disasters: fires, floods, earthquakes, or war torn areas where infrastructure has been destroyed.

Iraqi Ministers This safe, high efficiency, solar powered water filtration systems was designed to remove virtually of all suspended solids and is (99.99%) bacteria free from non-brackish surface water sources. The systems come with a pre-filter stage and a two stage filter process using Ultra Filtration and Ultra Violet light for processing surface water from lakes and rivers and a pre filter and one stage process for well water filtration.

The systems are mounted on reinforced mobile trailers and are capable of being pulled by standard motor vehicles. The mobility of the systems allows them to be easily deployed in rural communities or large urban environments within a matter of hours.

The tracker system allows the solar panels to track the sun throughout the day. This tracking feature increases water production by up to 40% versus typical fixed tilt solar systems and allows the system to operate for up to 20 years.

Installation near BaghdadThe Solar Tracking Ultra Filtration System is a unique response to the need for clean, fresh water in regions where healthy water is a precious and rare commodity. This system utilizes state-of-the-art technologies innovatively combined with ancient knowledge about solar movements and passive cooling to provide a mobile, efficient and compact approach to water filtration for small rural communities.