Inverter and Battery Services Center

We specialize in repairing High Power inverters 12 volt or 24 volt DC to AC voltage models made by all manufactures. You can save from 50% to 70% on having your power inverter repaired and protect your valuable investments, with us.

Certified Inverter & Battery Specialist Inspection  

Your power inverter will be thoroughly inspected as we work on it. While your equipment is in our repair center, we will keep you informed and involved. Only appropriate and necessary repairs will be performed. After your power inverter is repaired and before we send it back to you, we perform a full dynamic load test on it to make sure it will be in perfect working order when you receive it back. The repair isn't complete until you're satisfied.

Inverter & Battery System Repairs and Estimates

Since there are thousands of aftermarket Power Inverters and Battery Systems we cannot give an accurate total for how much its going to cost without actually seeing it and giving you a free estimate. However, in most cases (95% of the time) the price will be less than 30% of it's value + shipping for a complete repair. Some power inverters fall outside this range either lower or higher. Be assured. Even if you send in a smaller power inverter that has a replacement value of like $100.00, you will not be charged more than 50% of its value to repair it. We're in the business of saving you money and making loyal costumers. Get A Free Estimates Here For New Install!

Authorized Service Center for Xantrex

Our Xantrex Authorized Service Centers (ASC) repair out-of-warranty and non-warrantable products. Mark Snyder Electric does sell parts and components directly to the end user for better convenience. For out-of-warranty repairs and replacement parts and components, please contact us!

If your have trouble with your Inverter please file out our Authorized Service Center Inverter Repair Form.Start Here

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