PRO xm1000 & xm1800 Inverters 


The XM Series is a quality inverter designed for recreational vehicle (RV) electrical systems that have a battery charger or generator already installed.

The built-in transfer switch automatically transfers between inverter power and incoming AC power (shore power) to ensure power is always available.

 A built-in 15 A supplementary circuit breaker protects the XM inverter series from overload conditions to the GFCI receptacles.

The XM inverter series has a low standby battery demand means you don’t have to worry about excessive drain on your battery if you leave the inverter on for a few days. When the XM inverter is on but no power is being supplied to a load, the inverter draws, on average, less than 0.5 amps or less than 0.7 amps from the battery.

The cooling fan in the XM inverter series is both load activated and thermally activated. The fan turns off automatically after the inverter has cooled or the load has decreased.


Performance Features

1000/1800W inverter easily powers TVs small appliances and other electronics
Built-in 15A circuit breaker to protect GFCI connected loads
Up to 25A pass through for hardwired loads
Digital remote control displays power output AC source and battery voltage
Detachable remote control can be mounted wherever convenient
Conformal coated electronics provide moisture resistance
Designed to be hard-wired using a terminal strip or by connecting AC through a GFCI receptacle (included)

Protection Features

Battery over-voltage and under-voltage protection
Over temperature shutdown
Automatic overload protection
Short-circuit protection
Ground fault protection

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