PROwatt SW Inverters 


PROwatt SW Inverter Series

There are three PROwatt SW Inverter models in the series namely:
• PROwatt SW 600,
• PROwatt SW 1000, and
• PROwatt SW 2000.

Quality Power

The PROwatt SW Inverter is a professional-quality, mid-range  inverter designed to handle a variety of applications including  compact microwaves, TVs, VCRs, coffee makers, and small power tools.

  • The PROwatt SW Inverter provides optimal continuous power,  making it ideal for large single loads, intermittent loads, or multiple smaller loads.
  • The inverter's high surge capability lets you handle many hard-to-start loads, including large TVs, refrigerators, and freezers.

Model Continuous Surge Power 

  • PROwatt SW 600 540 watts 1200 watts
  • PROwatt SW 1000 900 watts 2000 watts
  • PROwatt SW 2000 1800 watts 3000 watts

The unit’s low standby battery demand means you don’t have 
to worry about excessive drain on your battery if you leave the 
inverter on for a few days. When the inverter is on but no power 
is being supplied to a load, the inverter draws less than 800 mA 
from the battery.


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